Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the eCalc tool get information about court orders?

The eCalc tool reads the Arizona State Case Registry to find information about the court ordered amount of support owed.

The Arizona State Case Registry is required to contain information about Arizona court orders issued after January 1, 1997.

A case receiving services from the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) will have court order information prior to January 1, 1997.

Where does the eCalc tool get information about payments made?

It reads the State Disbursement Unit (Support Payment Clearinghouse) payment records. Beginning in November 1998, all support payments for Arizona orders were to be paid to the State Disbursement Unit. Payments made prior to this time may not be available for the eCalc tool.

In cases receiving services from the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS), the eCalc tool will display payments from January 1997. Payments made prior to 1/1997 may be included in the beginning balance maintained by the DCSS ATLAS system.

For cases not receiving services from the DCSS, you may need to contact the Clerk of Court to request information about these payments. You should contact the Clerk of Court in the county of the court that issued the support order. For Clerk of Court contact information go to

Why is interest charged on my case?

Unpaid support is considered a judgment by operation of Arizona law and by law interest is charged on all judgments.

What interest rate does the eCalc tool use?

Since December 14, 1979 the interest rate has been 10% simple interest per year. Arizona state law A.R.S. §44-1201 governs the interest rates for unpaid support.

What does "simple interest" mean?

"Simple interest" means that interest is charged only on the principal amount of unpaid support. Interest does not get charged on interest.

How much is the Clearinghouse monthly fee?

  • $8.00 is the fee beginning 4/1/2020.
  • From 7/1/2010 through 3/31/2020 the monthly fee was $5.00.
  • From 1/1/1998 through 6/30/2010 the monthly fee was $2.25.
  • From 8/01/1995 through 12/31/1997 the monthly fee was $1.50
  • and prior to 8/01/1995 the monthly fee was $1.00.

How does the eCalc tool apply payments?

For information on the distribution of payment rules used by the eCalc tool, choose About eCalc from the menu.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the information on my case?

Visit to learn whether you have a case receiving services from the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) or not. If you are not receiving services from DCSS, this web site will also take you to web site that lists the Clerks of Court in Arizona and how to contact them.

If you are receiving services from DCSS, you may use our Interactive Voice Response telephone system at 602-252-4045 to learn more about your case or to speak with a Customer Service agent. You can also use our internet service at to learn more.

I am a private attorney with a client who has a support order. How do I get access to the eCalc tool

You will need to use your client's password/PIN to gain access to their case.

Can I use eCalc to calculate arrears if the court order was entered by another state?

If the court order was entered in a state other than Arizona, the state that entered the order must be contacted in order to obtain an arrears amount.